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Prayer When Being Attacked

I come to You, Lord, as my Deliverer. You know all my problems, all the things that torment, defile and harass me. I refuse to accept anything from Satan, and loose myself from every dark spirit, from every evil spirit in me that is not the Spirit of God, and I command all such spirits to leave me now. I confess that my body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, redeemed, cleansed, sanctified, justified, by the Blood of Jesus, therefore, Satan has no place in me and no power over me through the Blood of Jesus.



In the name of Jesus Christ, I now renounce, break, and loose myself, my spouse and all our children from all generational demonic bondages, psychic powers, strongholds, bonds of physical or mental illnesses, or curses, upon me or my family line, as the result of sin, transgressions, iniquities, occult, or psychic involvements of myself, my parents, or any of my ancestors, my spouse, any and all former spouses, or their parents, or any of their ancestors. I thank You, Lord, for setting us free.
In the name of Jesus Christ, I now rebuke, break and loose myself, and all our children, from any and all evil curses, charms, vexes, hexes, jinxes, psychic powers, bewitchments, witchcraft, or sorcery, that have been put upon me, or my family line from any person or persons, or from any occult source. Thank You, Jesus, for setting us free.
I forbid Satan, demons, witches and other cohorts from harassing or embarrassing me and the ministry God has given me. I forbid them from attempting to smear and discredit so as to discourage others who would receive benefits from my ministry. I am not ignorant of the tricks of the devil, his wiles and strategies. Now I command you to stop your operations, that all of your psychic commands, incantations, prayers, and desires against my ministry be turned back upon those who send them out. I command you to retreat and flee in defeat this very moment. I also command that the mouths of all who help spread lies against this ministry be stopped. The Lord rebuke you and all who help you, in Jesus'name.

- Mary Garrison, „How to Conduct Spiritual Warfare‟


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