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Prayer Before Traveling to Any Location

Lord Jesus, I pray for traveling mercies as I travel today. I loose sufficient angels to rapidly, continuously, perform the following actions until I have returned home safely from my trip to (state where you are going), according to your will. This will now be referred to as the "Location."
Lord, please protect me from all attacks of every evil entity, be it human, witch, warlock, satanist, demon, and from things known and unknown. Moving forward, these will be referred to as the "Enemy".



Lord, hide me from all the eyes of the Enemy as I go to the Location today. May all portals, mirrors, third eyes, cameras, satellites, and monitoring devices of the Enemy be blinded and destroyed and may all lines of communication in the evil spirit realm be cut by your angels as it concerns my trip to the Location today.
May your angels protect me, my vehicle, the path I will travel, the air above and all around, the Location, and block my traveling route, all roads, freeways, parking lots, and all potential flying routes from every Enemy, covering them with your wall of fire, angels, a strong hedge of thorns, and the blood of Jesus. I draw a bloodline around myself, my vehicle, the path I will travel, and around the Location.
May your angels accompany and protect me from all attacks of the enemy on every side as I travel, do my business, and return home today. Please assign angels to the Location today, to clear out and shield me from all attacks of the enemy there as well.
May your angels cut all evil soul ties formed between me and the Enemy on the trip, and with the people at the Location where I will be. May all thought waves sent by the Enemy be blocked and returned to the senders, amplified.
May your angels spring every trap the Enemy has and will attempt to lay for me on the way there and back.
May your angels clean and wipe off all evil marks, portals, chips, implants, and tracking devices placed on and in me, my vehicle and property today by the Enemy as I travel and return home.
May your angels cut every silver cord of all astral projecting spirits and bind and gag every demon of the Enemy attacking me and my vehicle today so they cannot move and speak.
I loose the Lord's hammer, battle axe, sword, giant hail, fire, brimstone, blindness, deafness, dumbness, civil war, judgment, burning, destruction, hornets and every heavenly warrior of the Lord upon the Enemy attacking me today.
Please assign your angels to protect my vehicle from all evil while driving and when I am away from it.
I pray that your angels will block bad directions while using any gps device, provide good directions, and guide me away from the Enemy. Please speak to me Holy spirit and tell me where to go and where not to go today. Apart from you I can do nothing, thank you for your protection Lord Jesus. In Jesus'name I pray.



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