Psalm 110 - All Powerful Prayers

Psalm 110

I will praise Thee, O Lord, with my whole heart:
in the assembly of the righteous and in the congregation.

Great are the works of the Lord:
exquisite and agreeable to all His designs.

His work is His praise and glory;
and His justice remaineth forever.

The merciful and gracious Lord hath appointed a memorial of His wonderful works;
He hath given food to them that fear Him.

He will be for ever mindful of His covenant:
the greatness of His works will He publish to His people.



To give them the inheritance of the Gentiles:
the works of His hands are truth and justice.

True and lasting are all His ordinances,
confirmed for ever and ever;
made in truth and justice.

He hath sent redemption to His people;
He hath appointed His covenant for ever.

Holy and awful is His name:
the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

All understand it aright, who practise it:
His praise endureth for ever and ever.

Ant. Great are the works of the Lord,
equisite to all His designs.

And. He that feareth the Lord.



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