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Prayer for the world

Father, I loose legions of your angels, according to your will, to uncover and expose the truth in all areas of life. I loose ministering angels to the defenseless, helpless, and those who are abused. May the wicked be exposed and brought to justice. I loose angels to bind all evil spirits used to cloak evil deeds with unbreakable chains covered in the blood of Jesus. I loose your ministering angels to assist the military, law enforcement, and early responders to receive good intelligence and accomplish their tasks of protecting and keeping us safe.

Father, may the wicked leaders of this world fall, and may you raise up mighty men and women of God who love you to roles of leadership locally, nationally, and worldwide. Fill our leaders with your Holy Spirit and the fruits of the spirit and restore their souls.
Father, I loose legions of your angels to minister to and protect all of your children who are in Satan's prison house. Whether it be a spiritual prison, a federal or local prison, mental health facility, rehab facility, or human trafficking, I loose your angels to minister, defend and protect them.
Father, I loose your angels to bind up all blind, deaf, dumb, antichrist, and every demonic spirit who would blind the minds of those in the world to the truth of your Son, Jesus Christ. Please draw as many people as possible to Him and save as many souls as possible, at any cost, in Jesus name.
Father, where this is anger, hatred and violence, I loose spirits of peace, love, and joy. Where there is sexual immorality and addictions, I loose angels of temperance and self control.
Father, I loose your giant sperm whales to attack every spirit of mind control, thought control, witchcraft, witchcraft control, and mind occult. I pray that they will attack and completely destroy these wicked spirits wherever they may be found throughout the world. I ask these things in Jesus'mighty name.


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